Travel: A city of forts.. history.. and beauty… JAIPUR

Visited the city of forts in August 2014. First point first- Don’t visit Rajasthan in summers especially in the humid months of July and August. The weather is extremely humid and hot and you will want to be either air conditioned rooms or somewhere in shade. But we had four days off and wanted to visit Jaipur since always, could not wait for next few months. So me and my husband, we packed our bags, put our easy breezy clothes, filled our car tanks with sky high rated petrol and started the trip with our another couple friend. To our surprise, we were welcomed by dark clouds and weather went from hot to being amazing. There was cool wind and our road trip started with real good sky. So we started as happy..!!!!

DSC00230 DSC00254 DSC00257 DSC00259 DSC00264

And our resort, Chitvan resort, Ajmer, pretty nice resort with basic amenities and good staff and good part is that it is right on the highway, so no hassles of finding the place.

DSC00270 DSC00272 DSC00301 DSC00305

Next we visited Ajmer and Pushkar. Those are actually pretty religious places, crowded and so full of people. Not for me… 😦

So next place was Jaipur, the pink city. saw Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort. The sound and light show at Amer Fort was such a good experience. Sitting out in open with Indian history at display in front of you.. truly breathtaking. One must not miss it.. Must do if you are visiting Jaipur. πŸ™‚

DSC00406 DSC00410 DSC00416 DSC00418 DSC00426 DSC00434 DSC00442DSC00435 DSC00437 DSC00439DSC00520 (1) DSC00525 DSC00540 (1) DSC00544 DSC00555We spotted this young calf. He lost his mother 12days back. 😦

Last place that we visited was Chokhi Dhani (means quintessential village). Pretty decent place to experience the Rajasthani culture. You can shop and do many local activities here like a local fair.

DSC00573 DSC00585 (1) DSC00590 DSC00624 (1)

So overall a great trip. Despite hot weather and crowd, we enjoyed thoroughly and its a must visit place for someone who is visiting India for first time. I am sure you will enjoy it. πŸ™‚


Jim Corbett..!!

Recently we went to Jim Corbett. We stayed at Corbett Machan Resort and the resort staff was so courteous. The hospitality with which they took care of everything was amazing. Really kudos to them. Would recommend to everyone who is visiting. Do stay there. Its worth it. πŸ™‚ Now enjoy the piccies. Pics Credit: Nitin Dubey. DSC01928 DSC01930 DSC01933 (1)new DSC01940 DSC01950 Beautiful Resort. Hai naa.. DSC02002 (1)new DSC02006 (1)new DSC02007 (1)new DSC02008 (1)new DSC02011 (1)new DSC02012 (1)new Few pics from our Safari. It was total fun riding open jeep with Nitin. πŸ™‚ DSC02016 (1)new DSC02017 DSC02023 (1)new DSC02013 (1)new DSC02026 (1)new DSC02038 (1)new (2) DSC02040 (1)new DSC02043 (1)new (3) DSC02059 (1)new (2) DSC02063 DSC02075

First Day at Swimming…

Yeeepeeee. Finally I got a chance(This chance is a combo of finding a pool near locality with appropriate size, decent crowd and finally a cool swimsuit..;) )

Day First: I was so excited, felt like a three year old excited for first day at school with new bag, water bottle.. Reached the pool 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. Could not stop smiling as I don’t even remember how long I wanted to swim. The desire was inside almost since always, but today I am able to put my first step forward. πŸ™‚ I changed into my swimsuit and kept staring at myself from all possible angles and noticed a small tire around tummy. yeah, yeah, I know I am lean, thin and all, but I have tire. You all plump people will never understand the confusion of this side. Anyways, this is not time to give even a second to my figure issues. Its time for swimminggggg. πŸ™‚

I entered the pool with heart beating fast, kept avoiding eye contact with everyone around coz only I knew how freakishly excited I was. Reached the learner’s spot and met my coach, Raj (Pretty bollywoodish, haan). So he asks me basic things like any experience of swimming. I very obediently said No, I am a fresher. So his first instruction comes as Ok, then start with Dubki. Make 10 dubkis(dive). Ok. So that was the start. i started with it and after five, he said to make it fast. So doing next five fast dives, I came out and was feeling what did i just do. Am i looking stupid. Looked around for feedback, but noone around to comment about my stupidity. So happy I am. Only I know what I am doing.

So after a half an hour of teaching basics like floating, bubbling and pedaling, he teaches me how to start floating with pedaling which leads to swimming actually. I tried that, but Holy Moly, that was tiring. I needed break in like 10 minutes. I asked myself, I thought it was going to be fun. But I am exhausted. Again, I gathered some courage and started floating with pedaling. This time, almost crossed entire pool by pedaling and floating, suddenly I realized that I am losing my breath, tried to stand up in water, but alas, could not maintain the balance and was in and out of water for exact one minute. I thought to myself, “I don’t want to die.” But a coach thought that my life is precious, so he came to my rescue and held my hand to give me support. I held his hand like innocent rabbit and as soon as I regained my balance and came to my senses, I laughed like crazy. It was funny.

Lets see how it goes and how soon I learn to swim. Can’t wait for myself to swim like a pro(hopefully) πŸ™‚

Google’s side of Indian bosses

Its Sunday morning, you cannot expect me to get up before 10AM, I have a reason-cum-excuse, have been working for 40 hours a week. Well got up with a hot cup of tea made by MIL, I really cherish.. (my MIL, not tea πŸ˜› )

So after a good morning start, I sat down with my laptop in lap to work on my blog project, googled ‘Indian boss’. The results, I actually did LOL. Google showed me tons of results and first page was filled with all sexual content entries. Some stories, some videos. I have almost six years of experience working with all sorts of bosses, rude boss, nice boss, insecure boss, political minded boss, but never came across any situation around me where I could see a live example of what Google showed me. I am not raising any questions on these videos, stories, Sure it happens. But is it really the one thing which describes Indian bosses on Google. I mean nothing relevant to what i wanted that was some actual experiences of employees with bosses, some arguments, some discussions, some funny images.. But alas, had to really dig in the chaos of search engine results to pick out something relevant. Anyhow, found some images which does not show the physical conversations between employees and Indian bosses…. and had good fun while doing the research, overall a good Sunday. πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

Hello world !!

I am nervous.

I have been writing on blogs, have been actively participating on blogs etc, but writing here is making me nervous.Β Its the fear of writing too much or writing less, writing interesting or bland, but I guess, that’s the beauty of it. I will not know until I actually do. Lets see how it goes…

Some random thoughts.. Some random mind debates… let me pour it down on paper coz in mind, I am superb in winning all the debates, lets see whether it makes any sense on black and white or not. πŸ˜‰